3 Great Blogging Niches for 2021 and Beyond

One of the most important things when building a blog is finding a great niche. There are different approaches that you can take here. You could go with a niche with lots of competition but lots of demand, or target a smaller niche with lots of potential. Once you’ve found a niche, all you have to do is create top-level content, spread it through the right channels, and monetize it. Let’s take a look at some great niches you can try for 2021 and beyond.

Personal Finance and Saving

People are going to look for ways to save and increase their nest egg over the next few years and this provides the perfect opportunity for you to start a personal finance blog. What’s great about this niche is that there are tons of specialized sub-niches that you could try.

You could have a blog that is strictly about investing for beginners, or a blog for families, for instance. Or maybe you could start a blog that teaches hacks on how to become a savvier shopper and how to find great deals.

What would be great with this niche is that there are tons of ways that you could monetize it. You could use a WordPress coupon plugin to easily showcase deals on your site and get paid a commission whenever people use them. This could be a cool and useful way to make money from your blog and will integrate well with other monetization methods.

Digital Marketing

The demand for digital marketing will also increase as businesses continue to look for cost-effective and leaner ways to advertise their business. This is another niche with a quasi-infinite number of sub-niches to choose from. You could choose to target one specific advertisement method, such as SEO, for instance, or target specific industries.

You have to make sure that you know what you’re talking about, however. If you give blatantly false advice, you will get called out for it and this will affect your credibility. So, only go down this route if you have actual expertise.


Food is one of those evergreen niches that will always see demand. But it’s also very saturated, so you need to be creative. One of the ways that you could differentiate yourself would be to look at obscure cuisines not many people have heard of. Or you could target specific diets, like the keto diet, for instance.

This is another niche that offers tons of different monetization avenues. Things like display ads, sponsored links, and affiliate marketing can all work great. A food blog is a great place to feature sponsored posts for new cooking products, or integrate mentions about products into your posts. There’s also the possibility that you could spin your blog out into a cookbook, or a food diary.

These are all great blog niches that should see a lot of demand in the next few years. Look into all of these in detail, and see which ones you feel you could confidently build, maintain, and turn into a profit.

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