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How to get over a breakup

Ending that special relationship with that special one is painful and hard, regardless whether it’s your decision or the others. You might be dealing with painful emotions and want to deal with these feelings as soon as possible. Don’t worry; there are various ways you can get over him or her by focusing on yourself and moving on.

Keep your distance

Even if you and your ex-decides to stay friends after the breakup, initially cut all sorts of communication like emails, messages, WhatsApp, Facebook and being around his or her family members. You don’t need to stop talking forever, but you need some time apart from them till you heal and fully get over them.

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Organize your space

Enduring a breakup can signify a new beginning. Hence it is vital to clean your room or personal area leaving you with a feeling of refreshment and being prepared to face better things yet to arrive in life. Encountering a messy environment can be stressful, overwhelming and depressing.

Remove painful triggers

Anything can remind you of your ex, whether it is a song, sound, place or scent. Possessing any items that can relate to these can make it extremely difficult for you to overcome the breakup. Get rid of all such things that trigger heartache or make your stomach turn. It can create wonders when you clear your space of all such triggers.

Get out and do things

After the relationship ends, make sure to get out of the house and make plans with your friends and have fun. It may seem awkward first, but it will get easier and make you feel much better. Going out and doing things is vital for growth and maintain your social network after the emotional trauma. Doing so will slowly and gradually help you move on in life.

Beware of rebound relationships

Entering into a new relationship following a breakup is called a rebound relationship. People often come into rebound relationships to mask their negative emotions with the excitement of a new relationship. In case the new connection fails to exist as well, you will have to deal with the grief of two relationships at the same time, which sounds like a lot of unnecessary emotional drama.

Continue to take care of yourself

Putting effort to self-care after a breakup can help you considerably. Ensure you are eating well, sleeping enough and making more than enough time for relaxation accompanied by regular exercise to feel your best. Make sure you see to your basic needs for mental, physical and spiritual as well.

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