Establishing Connection

Love is an exciting phenomenon that often occurs when an individual has this unexplained connection to another person. It all starts when two individuals meet and fall in love. After that, countless of memories will be shared.

There are two important elements lovers should work out to establish a strong relationship. First is the strong emotional connection. This type of connection is very tricky to work out as it involves a great deal of investment of time and effort in the part of each individual. There should also be a manifestation of mutual understanding and commitment by two individual to make relationship work out the way you want it to be.  Emotional connection is more than just carnal desire. It is a connection deep down that only compatible individual could appreciate and feel. Compatibility could be reflected with the hobbies you both enjoy with, your likes and dislikes, might your favorite book or movie genre, your philosophy and principles in life, etc. Some romantic gesture or precious moments you shared could strengthen your emotional connection. Whatever means you want to embark, you could generalize that emotional connection does not involve specific formula.

Another type of connection that two lovers should strengthen is physical connection. This is unpopular and sometimes viewed as not so important aspect of love. Some people think that it is a shallow basis of love but they could possibly be wrong. Falling in love with potential mate starts with physical attraction and desire. Emotional connection is a product of strong physical connection. Sex, hugs and kisses and other physical means of showing someone that you cared and you are fond of them is also as important as anything else. Physical connection my start from holding hands, then hugs and kisses and lastly the most intimate one love making or sex.

Sex is a biological need that is innate to all human beings. As a matter of fact, frequent hugs or lovingly touch of your partner or loved ones could aid you on releasing happy hormones or love hormones. Everybody deserves to be happy. Sexual satisfaction may be decreased as times goes by. Lovers continually search for different ways to keep that carnal desire. Others used sex toys to achieve a new experience; however, this may not be readily available in physical stores.  Good thing is there are online stores to cater these specific needs.

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