Sex Toys for Couples to Use Together

If you are in a relationship, looking to increase pleasure, increase the intimacy and get rid of routine in bed, we strongly recommend you to have a close look at sex toys which can be used together. The market is packed with sex toys for couples and with such a wide selection available I am absolutely sure of the fact that you will find something attractive for you and your partner. I know that the idea might sound dirty in the beginning but I also know that you will enjoy yourselves and that the experience will be one which you will both want to repeat again and again and again. If you are open at the idea of using some sex toys together, as a couple, we have a few recommendations for you. Just check out the list below and choose the toys that best suit you and your personalities.

  • The duo vibe sex toy- It is a cock ring and also an internal massager which hits the G-spot in no time. You can use it together, even at the same time and we can guarantee that the feeling will be amazing.
  • A sex therapy kit- It usually contains fur lined handcuffs, a vibrator, massage oil and edible body paint. Put all these together and your imagination can go wild. I know that amazing things will come out of it.
  • The bullet vibrator- This is a relatively new type of sex toy, one which you will enjoy to the fullest from the first use. It is a standout sex toy which has eight different settings and quiet vibrations which the producers say that is amazing for public use, such as restaurants. The thrill is going to be wonderful and I know for sure that it will help you become more open about accepting new things in bed.
  • Lickable massage candle- If you don’t know how to set up a romantic mood, well, a lickable massage candle is just perfect. A date night that has some lickable massage candles in the middle is going to be both sexy and sweet.
  • The remote controlled vibrator shaped as a butterfly is a toy which can be hand held but it also comes with straps. This means that this toy can also be worn as vibrating panties. If you are ready for some couple dynamics, you can choose to wear the vibrator as panties and give the remote control to your partner; in simpler words, your orgasm is in your partner’s hands.
  • The liberator ramp and wedge combo- These are two sex toys which we consider a ‘’must have’’ for any couple. They make penetration from behind more comfortable and more pleasant at the same time, while kneeling during oral sex is no longer going to be uncomfortable.

As you can see, there are lots of toys which can improve the experience in bed for you and your partner. Don’t be hesitant about using some of them and we can guarantee that the feeling will be great.

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